How does Harvest Rewards work?
Harvest Rewards is simple.  For every member you refer that 
signs up for a seasonal or heirloom membership, you get free
produce.  That’s it!

How much produce do I receive?
You’ll receive one week of free produce (your current harvest share size) for every Seasonal member you refer and two weeks for every Heirloom member.  For example, if Trey referred Michael and Michael signed up for a Seasonal membership, Trey gets one week of free produce.  If he gets Barbara to sign up for an Heirloom membership, he gets two weeks free.  He’s already up to three weeks!

Is this program open to all FieldFresh members?

Is the program cumulative?
Yes and no.  You can earn up to 24 weeks of free produce each calendar year.  If more than twelve of your referrals sign up for an heirloom membership, we’ll do something special for you.  As for free produce, 24 weeks is the most you can earn in a calendar year.  So yes, HarvestRewards is cumulative.  Rewards however are limited to the initial membership only.  So, in our previous example, if Michael renews his Seasonal membership, Trey does not get another free week.  If after three weeks, Michael upgrades to an Heirloom membership, Trey does not get another free week.  To preserve sanity, rewards are limited to the initial membership only.

Can I give my rewards to another member?
Not at this time. 

If my paid membership ends and I still have free reward weeks 
remaining, what happens?
We will be happy to continue deliveries until you’ve used all your reward weeks but we cannot issue cash refunds.

What’s next?
Tell your friends and family about FieldFresh.  Watch the rewards start rolling in.

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